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Title: [LU] GUI Admin Panel (23.9.15)
Post by: Stoku on November 01, 2020, 05:41:17 PM


A GUI admin panel which includes a spectator mode. The main goal of script was adding basic administrator features, but it expanded and now includes many intricate options. Since 1.2 release, the project is in a STABLE state.

Main features
- Time and weather management
- Player management
- Vehicles management
- Game and server settings management
and more (expanded list (,1852.msg10501.html#msg10501))

1. Unzip `` to your `Scripts` directory.
2. Open `content.xml` and add `<script folder="adminpanel"/>` on the bottom.
3. In your accounts script add `SetAdminLevel( pPlayer, 1 )` to grant admin access or use /aplogin <password> command to login.
4. Panel is ready! To open press 'P' button :)

To enable/disable autoloader, open config.ini and change/add line below:
Code: [Select]
UseAutoloader = true

Admin Panel 1.3.3 (latest) (
Admin Panel 1.3.2 (
Admin Panel 1.3.1 (
Admin Panel 1.3 (
Admin Panel 1.2 R3 (
Admin Panel 1.2 R2 (
Admin Panel 1.2 (
Admin Panel 1.1 R2 (
Admin Panel 1.1 (
Admin Panel 1.0 (

Github: ( (

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Title: Features
Post by: Stoku on November 01, 2020, 05:41:46 PM
Known issues
You tell me :)

Time & Weather:
- time lock
- weather lock
- setting time
- setting weather

Player Manager:
(includes spectator)
- ban player
- kick player
- heal player
- freeze/unfreeze player
- heal player
 8 console modes (change mode with END key and accept with RETURN):
- find player
- private message
- set player health
- set player armor
- set player skin
- ban IP
- unban IP
- set admin level

Vehicle Manager:
- explode
- fix
- respawn
- remove
- teleport
- primary and secondary color palette
- locked true/false
- lights on/off
- engine on/off
- a color picker!

Server Settings:
- server name
- map name
- gamemode name
- max players
- password
- port

Game Settings:
- set game speed
- set game gravity
- toggle flying cars cheat
- toggle handling cheat
- toggle friendly fire
- toggle SSV bridge lock

Additional features:
- autoloader - autoloads scripts from `/autoload/` directory
- definable admin access level in `client.nut` file (by default level 1 has access to everything)
- easy sound and color scheming   2 color and sound schemes (check readme.txt)
- definable admin actions output in `server.nut` file
and more :)

Version 1.3.3 (23.03.2015):
- [GENERAL] fix for setting admin level from panel

Version 1.3.2 (05.10.2014):
- [GENERAL] added fix of security flaw

Version 1.3.1 (29.09.2014):
- [CLIENT] reduced script load time from ~1350ms to <5ms.
- [CLIENT] tweaked spectate camera (from the back of spectated player)
- [GUI] prevent pressing buttons on the background windows (vehicle manager/color palette)
- [SERVER] added LoginCommand, Password, DefaultLevel, MaxAttempts, LUIDAutoLogin to config.ini (the config will be updated automatically after first launch)
- [GENERAL] redone some stuff, added minor fixes

Version 1.3 (02.09.2014):
- [SERVER] added admin login command (/aplogin by default)
- [SERVER] added autologin via LUID
- [SERVER] new variables in server.nut: (str)LOGIN_COMMAND, (str)ADMIN_PASSWORD, (int)ADMIN_LEVEL, (int)ADMIN_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS, (bool)LUID_AUTOLOGIN

Version 1.2 R3 (08.08.2014):
- [GUI] fix labels transparency in Liberty Unleashed
- [GUI] added GUI_LABEL_ALPHA for theming
- [GUI] added ban type selection window (Liberty Unleashed )
- [CLIENT] small code cleanups

Version 1.2 R2 (04.08.2014):
- [SERVER/CLIENT] add support for Liberty Unleashed
- [SERVER] use autoloader by default
- [SERVER] Autoloader: added "off_" prefix detection in script name to ignore scripts
- [SERVER] Autoloader: added scripts counter

Version 1.2 (29.05.2014):
- [GUI] added "Vehicle Manager" tab
- [GUI] added color picker for vehicles
- [GUI] added teleport feature for players/vehicles
- [GUI] added "Set admin level" mode
- [GUI] added "All" checkbox to specify if you want to work on one player or all players (teleport all, kill all etc.)
- [GUI] added shadows for text which makes it more readable and nicer
- [GUI] some code improvements
- [CLIENT] fixed delayed settings load in "Time & Weather", "Server Settings" and "Game Settings" tab
- [CLIENT] fixed spawnscreen bug
- [CLIENT] fixed spectator mode
- [SERVER] added script autoload feature (thanks to Thijn). Just paste any .nut file into "adminpanel/autoload/" dir
- [SERVER] added "autoload/consolechat.nut", an example script and autoload feature
- [SERVER] added some new ADMIN_ECHO modes
- [SERVER] added server console commands, try 'help', 'cmd', or 'commands'
- [SERVER/CLIENT] added many checks, security fixes and did some code cleanups

Version 1.1 R2 (02.11.2013):
- fixed "P" bind in "Server Settings" tab
- streched time (hours and minutes) input boxes

Version 1.1 (01.11.2013):
- added "Server Settings" tab
- added  /- buttons to control gravity and game speed
- added "Ban" player button
- added IP in "Player Manager"
- added "Ban IP" console mode
- added "Unban IP" console mode
- added some server side checks to prevent errors
- fixed freezed camera issue in panel main menu
- fixed "P" bind issues in "Player Manager" (disabled bind for mode 1 and 2)
- fixed "Find player" mode bug when "Free slot" was selected

Version 1.0 (31.10.2013):
Initial release