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on: November 01, 2020, 05:41:17 pm

A GUI admin panel which includes a spectator mode. The main goal of script was adding basic administrator features, but it expanded and now includes many intricate options. Since 1.2 release, the project is in a STABLE state.

Main features
- Time and weather management
- Player management
- Vehicles management
- Game and server settings management
and more (expanded list)

1. Unzip `adminpanel.zip` to your `Scripts` directory.
2. Open `content.xml` and add `<script folder="adminpanel"/>` on the bottom.
3. In your accounts script add `SetAdminLevel( pPlayer, 1 )` to grant admin access or use /aplogin <password> command to login.
4. Panel is ready! To open press 'P' button :)

To enable/disable autoloader, open config.ini and change/add line below:
Code: [Select]
UseAutoloader = true

Admin Panel 1.3.3 (latest)
Admin Panel 1.3.2
Admin Panel 1.3.1
Admin Panel 1.3
Admin Panel 1.2 R3
Admin Panel 1.2 R2
Admin Panel 1.2
Admin Panel 1.1 R2
Admin Panel 1.1
Admin Panel 1.0


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Reply #1 on: November 01, 2020, 05:41:46 pm
Known issues
You tell me :)

Time & Weather:
- time lock
- weather lock
- setting time
- setting weather

Player Manager:
(includes spectator)
- ban player
- kick player
- heal player
- freeze/unfreeze player
- heal player
 8 console modes (change mode with END key and accept with RETURN):
- find player
- private message
- set player health
- set player armor
- set player skin
- ban IP
- unban IP
- set admin level

Vehicle Manager:
- explode
- fix
- respawn
- remove
- teleport
- primary and secondary color palette
- locked true/false
- lights on/off
- engine on/off
- a color picker!

Server Settings:
- server name
- map name
- gamemode name
- max players
- password
- port

Game Settings:
- set game speed
- set game gravity
- toggle flying cars cheat
- toggle handling cheat
- toggle friendly fire
- toggle SSV bridge lock

Additional features:
- autoloader - autoloads scripts from `/autoload/` directory
- definable admin access level in `client.nut` file (by default level 1 has access to everything)
- easy sound and color scheming   2 color and sound schemes (check readme.txt)
- definable admin actions output in `server.nut` file
and more :)

Version 1.3.3 (23.03.2015):
- [GENERAL] fix for setting admin level from panel

Version 1.3.2 (05.10.2014):
- [GENERAL] added fix of security flaw

Version 1.3.1 (29.09.2014):
- [CLIENT] reduced script load time from ~1350ms to <5ms.
- [CLIENT] tweaked spectate camera (from the back of spectated player)
- [GUI] prevent pressing buttons on the background windows (vehicle manager/color palette)
- [SERVER] added LoginCommand, Password, DefaultLevel, MaxAttempts, LUIDAutoLogin to config.ini (the config will be updated automatically after first launch)
- [GENERAL] redone some stuff, added minor fixes

Version 1.3 (02.09.2014):
- [SERVER] added admin login command (/aplogin by default)
- [SERVER] added autologin via LUID
- [SERVER] new variables in server.nut: (str)LOGIN_COMMAND, (str)ADMIN_PASSWORD, (int)ADMIN_LEVEL, (int)ADMIN_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS, (bool)LUID_AUTOLOGIN

Version 1.2 R3 (08.08.2014):
- [GUI] fix labels transparency in Liberty Unleashed
- [GUI] added GUI_LABEL_ALPHA for theming
- [GUI] added ban type selection window (Liberty Unleashed )
- [CLIENT] small code cleanups

Version 1.2 R2 (04.08.2014):
- [SERVER/CLIENT] add support for Liberty Unleashed
- [SERVER] use autoloader by default
- [SERVER] Autoloader: added "off_" prefix detection in script name to ignore scripts
- [SERVER] Autoloader: added scripts counter

Version 1.2 (29.05.2014):
- [GUI] added "Vehicle Manager" tab
- [GUI] added color picker for vehicles
- [GUI] added teleport feature for players/vehicles
- [GUI] added "Set admin level" mode
- [GUI] added "All" checkbox to specify if you want to work on one player or all players (teleport all, kill all etc.)
- [GUI] added shadows for text which makes it more readable and nicer
- [GUI] some code improvements
- [CLIENT] fixed delayed settings load in "Time & Weather", "Server Settings" and "Game Settings" tab
- [CLIENT] fixed spawnscreen bug
- [CLIENT] fixed spectator mode
- [SERVER] added script autoload feature (thanks to Thijn). Just paste any .nut file into "adminpanel/autoload/" dir
- [SERVER] added "autoload/consolechat.nut", an example script and autoload feature
- [SERVER] added some new ADMIN_ECHO modes
- [SERVER] added server console commands, try 'help', 'cmd', or 'commands'
- [SERVER/CLIENT] added many checks, security fixes and did some code cleanups

Version 1.1 R2 (02.11.2013):
- fixed "P" bind in "Server Settings" tab
- streched time (hours and minutes) input boxes

Version 1.1 (01.11.2013):
- added "Server Settings" tab
- added  /- buttons to control gravity and game speed
- added "Ban" player button
- added IP in "Player Manager"
- added "Ban IP" console mode
- added "Unban IP" console mode
- added some server side checks to prevent errors
- fixed freezed camera issue in panel main menu
- fixed "P" bind issues in "Player Manager" (disabled bind for mode 1 and 2)
- fixed "Find player" mode bug when "Free slot" was selected

Version 1.0 (31.10.2013):
Initial release